SwiftUI - how to handle user Input tutorial ERROR

I have a problem with the LandmarkDetail file. Many errors appeared and I checked it many times line after line with the video, so does with the apple developer page. I just can’t find my mistakes. My errors says : "use of unresolved identifier ‘landmark’ " , "Type ‘LandmarkDetail’ does not conform to protocol ‘View’ " ,
“Unable to infer complex closure return type; add explicit type to disambiguate”. This is the ss of my file. Unfortunately, I can add only one foto, but it should be enough. If there would be need I can somehow show the rest. Thank you for everything and greetings from Poland haha!

Hi @Martyna_Majchrzak

I have built this project too. See the images below:

If it helps I can upload the same file to a server I have access to and place a link in a reply.

Chris Parker

Thank you for your help, but unfortunately, it’s still the same. It is like it doesn’t recognize the “landmark”.
Martyna Majchrzak

Check the contents of the Landmark.swift file under the Models group. There could be something not correct there. This is what that should look like when you have completed the App.

What point are you up to in the tutorial?