Swipe-able Card View overlapping Map View

Dear Chris,

First of all, I wanted to thank you for your generosity for sharing your knowledge - we are very happy learning and trying ios app development through your nicely made well though courses.

As I continue to follow-along and learn, I wish to get some expert suggestion on a topic I’m struggling to achieve.

Problem statement: Users submits various sets of data and we save those to firebase. As other users perform a search we show those data-sets with image over a map and also we update the map with the current location. There would be many sets of data with images and also lat and lon, hence we need that view showing over the map swipe-able or left-right scroll-able also we need an action button.

Could you be please able to suggest how do I archive this - ref a screenshot example what I wish to achieve.

Hey Roysantu, welcome to the forum!

Give me some time to think about this and i’ll offer some suggestions!