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Target version number and notification of update

Hi guys, how are you? I’m going to re-launch an old app, have added lots of new content and redesigned it. Couple of doubts:

  1. If I change the target version to 13.6, does it mean all phones from that version onwards can use the app or only those in that range?
    2)Also since it’s completely redesigned with new content, will the existing users be notified of the new updated release? Not sure how it works with App Store.

Changing the target version means you are changing the minimum iOS version users need to have to download your app. If they are on say 13.2 but you change the target they can continue to run the app, but can’t get any updates. Anyone at 13.6 and above and download your app

This depends on how they have their App Store setup on their phone they may get a notification or not depending on if they’re notifications are on or not.

But if they go to the App Store and refresh the page where you see updates, yours will show as an app to update

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they really can’t know of the update unless you have a way in your app to show a pop-up/in-app message that theres an app update… some even prevents using the app if it is not on the latest version

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Thanks a lot Mike and Francis for the super quick response! I understand about the notification bit. So I can set the target to 13.6? Is it better than setting it to 14.5 which seems default?

no i don’t think so… its actually really wired that it “defaults” to the latest version… it should be that Xcode should ask for the version number you want to project to start at instead of defaulting to the latest… you don’t get many people who are that updated so its not ideal for a programmer/app to do that

in fact… I would still probably make it for ios 12 if possible if your project is not in SwiftUI

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That’s true, quite a few of my friends couldn’t download my app as they didn’t have (or wanted to to) upgrade to the latest iOS, they were ok with iPhone8 etc. When I start a project it starts with 14.5, I’m attaching a screenshot (so this I can se to 13.6 right?), thanks a lot Francis.

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Yes if you want.
Also google “change minimum target iOS”
I think you may need to double check it’s been changed in the info.plist

Also on a main settings page there’s another drop down, which is usually by the bundle ID that you may need to change

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Will do, thanks again.