Teaching CodeCrew members to 'fish'

Is it possible to do a tutorial dedicated to how to read developer docs, specifically Apple swift developer docs. While Chris did a great job referencing them throughout the suite of tutorial lessons my opinion is they were referenced very specifically and I think it’d be beneficial to learn how to know how to use them at an abstract level when you have a sense of what you’re trying to accomplish in the code (ie generally know the class).

One example I’m working on presently, although may not be the best for tutorials, is fetching and presenting the user’s phone’s contact list in a tableview. Starting at initialization of the CNContactStore and working through Key descriptors, predicates, contact types, and finally presentation would certainly help us. I’ve read numerous StackOverflow threads and know how to get it the job done but I think it’d be much more empowering to now also be able to read the dev docs and build this from scratch. I think at this stage is where a developer can evolve from a ‘copy/paste developer’ to ‘the real deal developer’