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Tech talks question

Hi guys, hope you are all safe and sound.
Quick question. is any one attending or has attended apple tech talks? I got a couple of emails to register. If I do will I have to attend it live online or will there be videos posted online? Thanks!

They haven’t posted any of the previous ones online. I guess they could do so after they’re all done, but I have no idea. You’ve pretty much missed your chance, though, since they’re wrapping up now. The final SwiftUI tech talk was on 12/14, for instance.

(Yeah, just looked at the schedule and they end on 12/17.)

I hope they make them a regular thing moving forward and even expand the range of topics they cover. I enjoyed the ones I went to and it’s always nice to put names and faces to the people who work on the frameworks we use.

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Thanks @roosterboy. I hope they post videos. btw, did you have to actively participate or just watch? It was online right?I wanted to just watch and learn. The rules state you can’t record, take screen shot etc. Guess you can take down notes, that’s about it.

You could ask question if you wanted to or you could just watch.

Given this I HIGHLY doubt anything will be posted online afterwards

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I don’t think that necessarily follows. Apple could just want to control how any videos/transcripts/whatever are disseminated and their quality by releasing them themselves rather than have a bunch of homemade ones floating around out there.

Just my guess :woman_shrugging::woman_shrugging::woman_shrugging: But I could be totally wrong!

Hey, so could I! :wink:

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