Text Field does not connect as var; as func

Hi all- when I create a text field and try to link it to my playground, (using xcode 11+), it does not create a var type but rather, a function class.

@IBAction func weightbaby (_sender: Any) {

I’m just trying to have the numeric data entry from the user in the text field to assign to a variable (weightbaby)- is this an xcode 11+ change and how can I grab user entries as variables into my code?

thank you for your help-

it seems that you are creating an IBAction instead of an IBOutlet, there should be a simple dropdown that you can change just before you click “ok” when dragging the uielement using the assistant editor

Thank you but the “action” in the drop down is greyed out. So IBAction is the only option when I connect?
(thank you SO much for your help!)- I’ve tried attaching screenshot
Screen Shot 2020-07-14 at 2.07.24 PM