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Text rows not completed

Hello, I try to make list app similar to recipe list app and I try to add list of text of

array by using for each but the text not complete and I try to add padding and embedded it in VStack but still not improved

I’m moving this to the App Development Category because that’s where you should ask your question. Look at the category descriptions to use the proper categories.

What you’re showing on the canvas doesn’t match the code that you’re looking at on the left.

You need to fill something in autocomplete for the image for everything to render correctly.

What is it you want your view to look like?

Thanks for your reply the part of indications you can see the text is not complete and this is part of code mach with the canvas

try adding this to your Text

.fixedSize(horizontal: false, vertical: true)

you might also need to change the lineLimit as well

.lineLimit(2) or .lineLimit(nil)

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