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Text to Speech API Integration

Hello all, You guys and gals are the most helpful, I really appreciate you all!!

In regard to my language app - I currently have about 20,000 individual audio files that I have recorded across 3 languages. This makes scaling beyond this seem like quite the feat.

  1. As we get ready to scale to increase languages and content - is there an easier and more practical way to do so? Like incorporating a text to speech API? Or is there a better way to do this?
  2. If API, are you familiar with any specific TTS API’s? Which are the best - sound like actual humans? Are any free ones good? If not, what is the best paid one? What is a good price?

When making minor changes to any text in the database it would be so nice to have an API connected, so I do not have to remake audio files each time.

Please share your brilliant thoughts!

Thanks :slight_smile:

I have no knowledge of how to do that but this article from Paul Hudson may be helpful.


Thanks Chris! This is a great start!! I wonder how I can get one to have decent sounding, human-like voice? THoughts?

Hi @toothdoc

You may want also to check this google text to speech API.