The card game app

I need to view all the cards in one section without scrolling, how is this possible?

Hi @Mahmoud_Aziz

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I suppose you could do this on an iPad screen and still make the game playable. I assume you are referring to the Match Game. You could set the card size so small that they could potentially fit on an iPhone, and I am not sure how playable the game would be!


Thank you for your reply … I try to change the size of the collection view or the size of the collection view cell but neither of them affect the actual size in the simulator

I have 13 buttons that fit nicely in two HStacks in a VStack. The array playerDeck has “ALHFCard” which is the back of the card as playerDeck[0] and playerDeck[1] is “02D” which is the 2 of Diamonds. Here is the button for the 3 of Diamonds. The card images are in sizes 1X, 2X and 3X and are named like 03D which is the 3 of Diamonds. I guess it would be better to have image(“03D”) rather than image(playerDeck[3]).

                            Button(action: {
                                if (playerDeck[2] == "03D") {
                                    thisCard = 2
                                    showCard = "03D"
                                    CPUCard = "AHLFCard"
                                    playerDeck[2] = "AHLFCard"
                            }) {
                                .frame(width: 36, height: 51)