Theory/best practice question

Hi everyone,
I’m building a “registration” app that requires users to fill out a form. Each form question has a label and a text field. I’ve set up my first page without any stack views or anything but am wondering about collection views. Would it be better or beneficial to use a collection view with two columns and a bunch of rows for my label and text fields? Is there an advantage to doing it this way, like when I write to the DB? Any input is greatly appreciated.

thanks - Mike

you will automatically populate your collection/table view?

doing a textfield should be easier to handle as you an individually IBOutlet it and make it easier to write code so you know whats what

Thanks Francis,
That helps!


Also there’s no advantage on the DB side at all whichever way you do.
But like Francis said it’d be easiest to use separate labels/text fields.

You could always use 2 stack views, one for each column, and the “column” itself is a stack view (for all your labels and text fields on each side)

Thanks Mikaela!


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When writing a database app, it’s important to consider both the data management and the user interface.

A collection view lends itself to uniform shapes and sizes, which could make it ideal for entering several items of the same type, such as a list of names. It might be less ideal for entering dissimilar items, such as name, address and phone, especially if wish to give some fields unique formatting or arrange the fields in a particular way that provides the user with a better interface. You could modify some features programmatically, but the effort might outweigh any advantages.

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