Trouble with segue

I have a few segues I’ve made successfully using buttons. Very simple ‘present modally’ as that’s all I needed.

Recently I made an outlet collection of labels.

With a little help (more than a little) I made a custom VC with tapGesture so all the labels could call this to open another VC…again, just a VC that shows some data. Nothing fancy.

I’ve got the destination VC with some data to view.
I’ve got the tapGesture recognizer on the 1st VC


…and I’ve got this in the custom Tap Gesture swift file

The designation VC is named ‘poppy’ under the Identiy Inspector, Identity > Storyboard ID > “poppy” if you click the destination VC.

I thought if I touched any labels I’d get some progress here, but nothing happens–which is just a step up from crashing.

Found it. I had a statement just outside the loop. Feel free to delete this thread.