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UIKit or SwiftUI for social media app?

Hey there,

I want to make a social media app for my community and I am not sure to make it with UIKit or SwiftUI. Any suggestions?

Welcome to the community.

What experience do you have in either framework?

I am very new to coding and don’t have much experience in either. I am wondering which way is the most optimal for a social media app so I can concentrate my learning efforts towards that. I also hope to find some team members along the way to help with the project because I realize a social media app is very tough for someone new to coding like me.

If you are new to Swift then maybe go with SwiftUI since that will ultimately be the framework of choice in the future.

Also I would highly suggest you know the basics of Swift and building apps before even attempting you make your own social media app.

Because yes it is very difficult and you may get easily discouraged because of the complexity