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Unable to build chain to root certificate

Hello there, since the new Xcode 13.0 update, I have some errors in app which I can not even find on Google.
I can login any user from my phone, a physical phone, but with the IOS Simulator, I get this nice error:

Challenge SecTrustResultType 5 for www.googleapis.com, properties: (


type = error;

value = “Unable to build chain to root certificate.”;



Cancelling authentication challenge for https://www.googleapis.com/identitytoolkit/v3/relyingparty/verifyPassword?key=AIzaSyBkY8VIsj2XinW86wA5Z5K8Wye3zD39Kag

Connection 4: default TLS Trust evaluation failed(-9807)
Connection 4: TLS Trust encountered error 3:-9807
Connection 4: encountered error(3:-9807)

Ok, in my code there is no problem, I just log in the user for these errors, and moreover, just on the simulator it does not work. To solve THE MAIN issue which is that error with chain to root certificate. I did the following:

-In the Simulator: General-About-Certificate Trust Settings- Apple Root CA enabled, my Trust store Version is 2021072200, and Trust Asset Version is 14.0

  • I downloaded the AppleRootCertificate.cer, and in Keychain access I set trust all, but I can’t copy it in My Certificates, is just at Certificates
  • I also downloaded AppleWWDRCA.cer, the same story like AppleRootCertificate

If you can help me somehow I will be really thankful, I am struggling with this error since the update and I have no idea further what to do