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Unknown Errors with FirebaseFacebookAuthUI

Hello, I am working on an app using FirebaseFacebookAuthUI with other Firebase libraries. The app will not build due to three errors that I can’t figure out. I also get some warnings . Any help will be much appreciated!

Have you tried to clean the project? (Cmd + Shift + K)

Quit Xcode and open it again?

When there’s an actual error with a library sometimes there’s not much you can do.

Worst to worst you can remove Cocoapods and then install them again

Hi Mikaela

I think that the issue is I am sharing the project with others on my team via github and havent quite figured out how to handle the pods.

Do all other members need to have cocopods installed, run init and pod install on their machines?

It depends if pods are included in git in the repo.

If yes then you don’t have to, otherwise yes everyone needs to run those commands

How do i add the pods to the repo? When i right click in xcode, i dont have options

Is the Pods folder in the GitHub repo?

i think i got it in there by git add . on the terminal, then push in xcode

Yes git add . Will add anything to the staging area from the working directory.

But in GitHub I was wondering if you see the pods directory