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Update Specific Value in array

Hi Team,

I hope someone can help I am trying to update a specific value from my data sets below.

For example the incomeCategory is a dynamic custom list and when I update one of these values where it is used in my below data structure I want it to update all those values.

Does anyone know how this would be possible?


import Foundation

struct IncomeDetails: Identifiable {
    let id: UUID
    var incomeDetails: String
    var incomeCategory: String
    var incomeFrequency: Period
    var incomeAmount: Int
    var incomeAnnual: Int

What do you mean it’s a dynamic custom list? In your structure it’s just a String

In what way are you updating the data? How are you saving it?

Anytime you change data, you would make sure to update it everywhere that it’s mentioned in your database