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Updating API from within an external App

Hey Everyone!

I’m hoping one of you geniuses can help me with a question, as I have been unable to find a definitive answer lol.

I built a Squarespace website for a client, however there is a daily task that I’m hoping to make easier for them using a nifty app - updating the Galleries, adding links to those images and updating Product Forms.

My question is this: can you update information held within an API from an external app?

This is what I’m hoping to do:

Managers (App Admin) make selections from within a list/ tableview/ collectionview → Submit → Display those selections to customers who’ll be able to order from the app & update website API (replace gallery images, add links and update product forms).

I have image URLs, access to the Squarespace API (which includes access to galleries and forms).

I’ve started working through the YouTube App ODB, which will show how to pull information from an API - maybe there’s information regarding this topic in there but I find myself being a little impatient lol.

Thanks in advance to anyone how can tell me if it can be done! (Extra gratitude to anyone who can point me in the right direction of reading materials/ learning resources or even lessons within the CWC Course!)

My best,