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Updating data in Xcode frequently

Ok, so I have completely came to a stand still, I have made the custom tab bar and I have all my tabs laid out…but I have no idea about how to get all of my data in.

I have collection view in my home storyboard and each cell needs to be updated on a weekly, and mostly daily basis…how am I supposed to go about doing this?

How am I supposed to go about customizing the cells so they can change daily??

Where does the data come from?

Well, we would have to type it out, it’s going to be a daily verse, with a couple of images that have a (hopefully) customizable background. A weekly digital bulletin, which will (hopefully) be updated weekly. News from our admin, updated not daily or weekly but when ever we have more news. And maybe another spot where they can click to add their own data and input it for them to remember. But all the data will pretty much come from us, but we do need to have backgrounds for them to choose from.

It’s just confusing, do most build a separate app that allows them to control their app for their consumers?