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Use of App Tracking Transparency for Google AdMob in SwiftUI

Hi all,

I am a CWC+ student and apologies if this has been detailed elsewhere, but I have struggled to find some clarity on this matter.

It seems Chris has taught learners how to implement AdMob across a number of different YT videos, however, I cannot see anywhere videos from Chris explaining the use of the AppTrackingTransparency framework, which appears to be mandatory now for those implementing SDKs such as Google AdMob that tracks users.

Please can anyone advise on this, as I have an app that is effectively being tested and ready for submission but now I am stumbling somewhat on this ATT requirement, as I have embedded the AdMob SDK and fear this will be rejected without the ATT framework. Any support in this matter will be appreciated or signposting to a good source that explains this process will really help me out.