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Using Firebase data

Hey all,

Im still early in my learning process but Im attempting to building a logbook app. I’m having a lot of trouble understanding how to use data once I have retrieved it from a firebase database. can anyone give me an explanation on just how to use the data in anything other than a list? how do you show a single result in a textfield or in a label?

My example would be that Im building a chart and the data needed is where the learner has been and how many times a person has been there. I can get all of the data from firebase (the learners, where they went, who was with them, conditions of the day) but don’t know how to use just the 2 values needed (learner and where they went) or store them for use in other parts of the app.

if this makes any sense I would really appreciate what ever help anyone can provide


Hi Jason,

Welcome to the community.

What does the Firebase data structure look like?

thanks Chris,

the current firebase layout is users, a document id of the user id, then the first document set has the users details, name email, work id etc then then I have a collection of logbook entries called log, that then has the auto generated id and then that hold a heap of details for each drive completed for the day. it would contain things like where they went, etc.

hopefully I have attached the images correctly below