View Controller Timer

I’m building a multi-view app, there will be about 10 View Controllers (They’re numbered alphanumerically One, Two, Three, etc.). I have a timer built on Three and I want it to be triggered when you click the “next” on Two. I have the timer built and working, I just need it to start when the View Controller loads.

Any ideas?

You should be able to start it in viewDidLoad.

Maybe segue from vc 2 to 3 on buttonclick (ibaction)

I got it to work by adding the startTimer to viewDidLoad–thank you for that suggestion!. Now another question, how can I set the countdown to have a “:” between the numbers? For example, two minutes would be 2:00 not 120

Hmm try to search on how to format (tostring) timer

Excellent! Thank you for the fast reply!