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View not in hierarchy after presenting a ViewController

Can you put this stripped down project on GitHub?
I’d be interested to see how this is happening

You can use the segue if you want, or use present() it depends on which you want to do

Yep, I can do that. I have a Github account, but I never use it, so I’ll to relearn it. I’ll let you know once I’ve got it sorted.

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You can add me directly to it too!
(My username is the same on GitHub)


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I’ll take a look and comment or PR there!

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In order for you to comment there do I need to enable the repository discussion settings?

No need, I left a comment in an issue

Righto. I’ve left a reply, but yes, it just does what you outlined. The question is why I have to use the if let view = etc, to return VC1 to the View Hierarchy, and how it can be achieved without doing that.