Ward CardGame Simulator Failure

I just completed Lesson 8 of Building iOS Apps where Chris teaches about IBOutlets and IBAction methods.

In Main.Storyboard the storyboard looks as it should (i.e. everything is located when it should be and is visible.)

When I run the simulator I get a white screen (i.e. none of the storyboard’s views appear at all) and the following code appears:

It appears as though it is balking / complaining about Line 12.

I would appreciate help fixing / resolving this as I am “stuck” until I can get this fixed.

Thanks in advance!

You have a breakpoint set on line 9 and that’s being tripped. Remove it and you should be fine.

To further add on to @roosterboy’s statement, a breakpoint is used for debugging, when the code reaches that breakpoint, the whole program pauses.

@roosterboy and @Pro0skills, thank you both so very much, that solved the problem first shot (though, admittedly, have no idea howor why the breakpoint got inserted as I did not even know they existed.)!

Apologies for the naive question but I am very new to this in that this has been my “keep busy activity” during the COVID-19 shutdown as I figured I would do something positive with my time.

Again, much thanks to both!