WATCH KIT - Segue with Data to Interface Controllers

I’ve worked through a number of suggested solutions the past few hours, without success…

On my WATCH (HomePage/InterfaceController) are TWO Team-Names, for this example will call it BLUE-Team & RED-Team.

Page#2 of the WATCH is a TIMER, then Page#3 is the BLUE-Team (TeamOneInterfaceController) and Page#4 RED-Team (TeamTwoInterfaceController) scoring page…

I’m trying to write code that when the “START GAME” Button is pressed, the NAMES respectively of “TeamOneLabel” is sent to the BLUE-Team (Page#3), “TeamTwoLabel” send to RED-Team (Page#4), and the page transitions to Page-2 TIMER.

Step#1 - Control Dragged the Button to Page#2, and just cannot get the Code Sorted…?
The SAME Concept in my iPhone (ViewController), which works fine, is as follows:

override func prepare(for segue: UIStoryboardSegue, sender: Any?) {
if segue.destination is ViewController {
let vc = segue.destination as! ViewController
vc.team1Details = self.team1TextField.text!
vc.team2Details = self.team2TextField.text!
} else if segue.destination is SummeryController {
let vc = segue.destination as! SummeryController
vc.team1Details = self.team1TextField.text!
vc.team2Details = self.team2TextField.text!

ON THE WATCH-KIT I’M STUCK ON (My best effort)
override func contextForSegueWithIdentifier(segueIdentifier: String) -> AnyObject? {
if segue.identifier == “TeamOne” {
let controller: InterfaceController = (segue.TeamOneInterfaceController as UINavigationController)