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Website for App

I looked at some of the documentation for submitting my app to the App Store and I saw something about having a legal entity and having a website?

Not sure if someone has the answers to these two questions, but here they are:

  1. If I already have an S-Corp (not related at all to my app), can I use that or do I need to create a separate LLC or Corp?
  2. Is a website necessary? If so, what is the cheapest way to have that made for me, as I have no web-dev experience/I just don’t want to do it myself :laughing:

For a privacy policy this is all you need!

Here’s mine

I have three apps on the App Store using only a GitHub README.

It is NOT required to be a legal entity to submit an app to the App Store, you can submit it under your own name.

If you’d like to submit it under your S-Corp you can, but you need to make a business account as opposed to a personal developer account.