We're Fixing the Student Dashboard

Hey CodeCrew,

We’ve been receiving reports about students not seeing the courses on the Student Dashboard, and we want you to know that the team’s already on top of it. We have been coordinating with Thinkific, the platform we’re using to host our courses, to solve this issue as soon as possible.

We sincerely apologize for any inconvenience this has caused you, and we’ll let you know once everything’s back to normal.

Thank you!


Everyone, we just received information from Thinkific that the issue on courses not showing on the dashboard has been fixed. If anyone’s still having trouble with theirs, do let us know.

Happy learning!

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I worked on the previous version of the 14-day Swift UI course here, but I decided to start over with the new version, both for review (it’s been awhile) and because the course has been updated. At the end of lesson 3 on YouTube, Chris mentions we can only get the exercises/challenges on this website, but when I come back here, I don’t see how to access the updated version, just the version I’d been working through. At least, it appears to be the same version as before. Can you advise me how to navigate to it? Thank you.

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Hello! Thanks for following the new version of the course. I’m going to set it live on the dashboard soon (within next 2 days). Sorry for this oversight. I’ll message back here when it’s live!


Hi Chris. What is the timeline for making the next lesson available in the 14-day Swift UI course (updated version)?

9 hours ago he posted this

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