What is the proper way for creating paid app which is ads free?

I am new in ios development and i have developed a free app with SwiftUi which includes banners from AdMob. Now i want to make a paid version of that app which will be ads free. My question is which is the right way of doing that? Do i need to make a new app which will be without the AdMob code and the users will need to download it separately or i need to include “in app purchase” in the current app.Thanks

Following Because I have a similar issue. I have a free app under development that will have a limited feature set and a paid one that week be full featured. I plan to have two different apps - free limited version and $2 paid premium version. I envision having an alert pop up when the user tries a premium feature on the free version that alerts them too download the premium version on App Store. I hope that Is an acceptable way of doing that.

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From what I’ve seen, these days publishers don’t make two versions (free and paid). It makes things difficult with maintaining two code bases, you’ll fragment your user base into two and it will be tougher to win the App Store ranking algorithm if you’re trying to build up the user reviews and download numbers on two apps.

Now it’s usually freemium. So it’s free to download with in app purchases to disable ads or unlock extra features. I would recommend this way!

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Thanks Chris. That’s great feedback. Looks like I need to bone up and learn how to implement that type of app structure!

Thanks Chris i am really happy that i have found a dev like you that enjoy share his knowledge