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What to do when your brain starts misfiring

Im a Product designer, trying to learn ios Design for some side project ideas I have. I have done some JS/PHP in the past, so I am familiar with something that is again happening as I work through Chris’ challenges…

When I get really stuck in the mire of a problem, everything starts to get really confusion, i cant remember which variables are objects, arrays, strings, optionals, parameters… everything mushes together and progress stops

Can anyone relate? Any suggestions to get past the info overload that shuts down my thinking?

The basics of Swift are really important so you do need to have those concepts down pat or have some notes nearby to be able to refer to.

That said, there have been circumstances where I have sat there and wondered why something wasn’t working as expected so you are not alone. I tend to refer to previous projects quite often because the truth is that you can’t remember everything.

Building projects all the time eventually builds muscle memory which makes life easier.

This happens to me quite often, be it when I’m coding or studying something else or sometimes even when I’m playing.

I think of it like my brain decided to shut down because I have done whatever I’ve been doing for quite a while.

My go-to solution for when this happens is to take a break from what I’m doing and do something else for a while. Especially coz I’ve noticed that when I am tired I have a much lower focus on what I’m doing and I’m less productive that way.