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What would you do if things are harder than expected?


I’ve started to learn SwiftUI with 14 days challenge before joining in CWC+ club. Now that I came to last lesson of module 1 of iOS Foundation, I still struggle with more than some points for pass next level…

So I wonder whether I’d better pass next module and keep continuing in thinking only time resolve my problem.

In parallels, I’ve done apple’s Swift Playground App, the grammar part in two volumes.

What do you recommend me to do ? Keep going on next module or reviewing the module 1 until I master all points?

Thank you for your time and nice coding!

I think if you know to “add this code here and it does this” if you can know that, but may not fully understand exactly how it works, you’re okay to move on.

Also be sure to look at the solution files

Thanks for your advice!!