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Where to access the course

I have purchase the CWC+, where can i access my courses?

hello, just log-in to the codewithchris website using your CWC+ membership account… once you are logged in just go to “my dashboard” you will see all the courses that you can access from there

Thank you for your reply, but there is only view course currular and i can only view the capthers, there is no way for me to access in , please help

you cant see this page?

I can but have no start course button

try contacting the messaging feature on the site, maybe your account was not loaded as a CWC+ account correctly

The contacting feature navigate me to the community

it should be this message icon here on the homepage

Where can i refund my money, I really cannot access material and they dont text me back

Send an email to care@codewithchris.com explaining what you are having difficulty with.

Thank you for noticing my problem, I have already send the email