Where to find image resources?

Hey, I’m on the Restaurant App portion of the foundations course, and I can’t find where to download the zip file with the images and stuff.


Found it. Finally. I have to be honest… while I love Chris’ tutorials, this site is AWFUL. It loses state between sections, the navigation and UI design is poor, and the overall organization of courses and stuff could be vastly better.

Okay, this is ridiculous. Whose idea was it to put every folder as a separate zip file? And the resources aren’t out in the first zip fie, no, they’re buried in one of the lessons.

After careful consideration, I am going to cancel this membership. This site has huge potential but right now it’s a ----- at best.

Hey Rob, thank you for the feedback! I’m happy to say that we’re redesigning the dashboard to address all of these issues. We’re planning to go through a few more revisions and launch it in a couple of months! Hope you check out the program in a few months! Thank you
(I’ve edited your last msg to keep the forum family friendly)