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Wiz - Weather App Challenge (March) Journal

Hey CodeCrew,

Let’s go lol.

I want to start this challenge by carefully planning out how I am going to implement the required features.
Currently have no idea, so my first task will coming up with overall structure of the app

Wish me luck


Ok so here is how I plan to structure this application

Name: Witty Weather
API: OpenWeatherAPI

- Temperature and conditions for current City
- Add City to get Temperature and condition
- Support both °C to °F
- hourly temperature
- daily temperature - up to 7days
- Userdefault to save city

- Current Location Temperature
- Add City Button
- List of City
- Switch for °C to °F
- Show the City Temperature details
- Show hourly temperature in horizontal list - up to 12 hrs
- Show daily temperature in a vertical list - up to 7 days
Find City:
- Text Field or picker for selecting a city

Structure of app:

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Sounds good, looking forward to see your detail pages :+1:t2:

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Ok I didn’t get to do has much work has I wanted over the easter holiday but I created the basic structure for the home screen as well as created my data model for the JSON request

Well, I am a little late but I have all the major functionality completed.