Xcode 12.1 Interface Issues

I have resumed programming after almost 15 years and am trying to make a pace in this.Thanks to your videos and lessons. You are no doubt an instructor with a talent to keep the students active :slightly_smiling_face:

I am at lesson 8 for beginners and am stuck at launching assistant editor in Xcode 12.1. Can you please guide where to find the option as there is no button on top right with two overlapping circles.


Hi, look at the top of your main editor at the far right. It has moved to there. Itโ€™s no longer two interlinking circles, but a symbol that kind of looks a bit like two editors I guess. You can add as many editors as you like. You get rid of them by clicking the X at top left.

Hi @vquest and @Sarwar,

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The fast way to open the assistant editor is click on the object in the story board you want to connect, and then Option-click the viewController that it will connect to and you will have both presented on screen ready to Control-drag.

Happy coding!

Thank you Mark for your help.