Xcode 12 Errors with Firebase... I think

I just upgraded to Xcode 12 and when i open my project what i was working on, it shows me lots of error like these:

" Double-quoted include “pb.h” in framework header, expected angle-bracketed instead "

Google says that is something with Firebase but idk how to fix it! PLS HELP

idk if this has happened to anyone out there

Yes I got the same thing this morning. 208 warnings and 13 errors in a working project. I am not impressed one bit.

I have no idea if this is something that Firebase (Google) needs to address or if there might be a setting in Xcode 12 to ignore that.

Ah, from GitHub

The error comes from a new recommended Xcode 12 build setting. We’ll investigate an update to nanopb.

In the meantime a workaround is disabling the option in the generate Pods project Build Settings: