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Xcode 13.1 update crashed preview

After updating Xcode to version 13.1 the previews of my all existing and newly created projects are crashed.

This is the error message:

If I create the project at ~\Developer folder then it works. If I create the project at ~\Developer\Module4… folder then the preview not works. Before Xcode update all of my projects worked properly.
If somebody knows the solution, please let me know.

If you create a brand new blank project does the preview work?

Have you deleted derived data? And cleaned the project and tried again?

Yes I created new project. Preview works only if the project path is ~\Developer\…
If I create new folder (~\Developer\Module4) inside the Developer folder then it does not work.

What is derived data? How can I delete it?
I did not clean the project since it is just created.