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Xcode 13/13.1 RAM issues/ performance issues

I’m currently using the M1 MacBook Pro (8GB RAM; macOS Monterey 12.0.1) and Xcode 12 worked just fine, and I had no issues. But since Xcode 13 my RAM is always full and while I’m running Xcode 13 the performance of the Mac is just horrible, and it often just freezes. Then I went to the activity monitor and noticed that the swift-fronted process takes up to 15-28 GB, which was not the case with Xcode 12. Moreover, the status of the RAM is always red when I’m running Xcode 13 and I often have to quit other programs. Is anyone else having this issue and has even a solution? Or is this a fault by Apple?? Btw: Xcode 13.1 didn’t resolve this issue and the solution posted here: iOS 15 Simulator's Spotlight proce… | Apple Developer Forums

Welcome to the community!
You could try to uninstall Xcode and reinstall it. I heard that having a fresh install as opposed to updating via the App Store can be better?
I’m not sure if that will help. I haven’t had issues on my Mac, which isn’t an M1.

Have you rebooted your computer since upgrading to Monterey? And updating Xcode from 12 to 13?

You could try to reboot (shut down your computer, leave it off for 5 mins) and then back on. Haha sometimes this helps :joy: even though it’s classic IT advice