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XCODE: 14.1 Multi-paged app and buttons that have functions!


This question could potentially be trivial. I am a clean slate beginner trying to figure out how to use Xcode to create an app. I am struggling with just simply creating a multi paged app… and creating buttons that could take me from one page to the next. I wish I never updated to 14.1. I can barely find any tutorials beside Chris’s.

Any help would be appreciated.

How to create a button would just be

Button(action: signIn) {
    Text("Sign In")
Button("Sign In", action: signIn)

Maybe this link will help ya. There’s plenty of vids out there as well.

Also, search What’s New in Xcode 14. With you being a clean slate beginner, check out the 14 day trail. You’ll learn a lot! How are you a clean slate beginner if you’re complaining about updating though?

Welcome to the community! He’s I would highly suggest watching the video that Ed dropped

Chris reviews how Xcode works. I’d suggest start going through that series before trying anything on your own, so you can better understand how Xcode works and how SwiftUI works