XCODE Navigation Help!

Hey! I created a navigation bar for my xcode, so it looks like something at the bottom of Youtube, like a navigation controller. How do I display things on there? Is there any way to make my code more concise? And is there a specific function that I need to list out for each of the navigation slides to have something? Thanks!!!

What you are seeing at the bottom of the YouTube App screen is a Tab Bar since YouTube is a Tab Application.

The Tab icons and descriptions are created when the Application is configured.

Each Tab has its own View Controller requiring configuration to suit.

Hey! Yes, I do see that, but how do I display things on the application? For example, a gps, or a game. Whenever I try to paste my code for it, I doesn’t work out to well. Thanks!

I would recommend that you consider enrolling in a course to take you through the fundamentals of App development so that you understand what you need to do. Chris Ching offers comprehensive courses via his website www.codewithchris.com