Xcode question on how to open a project

Hi Chris,

I am trying to install a source code into XCode, however, it is saying to open a project in Xcode using the ‘Foodomia.xcworkspace’ file, then renaming the project. How can I open a project with the ‘Foodomia.xcworkspace’ file?

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Hi Steven,

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Where did you get the Project Foodmia from and what is it supposed to do? Maybe you could add a link to the source in a reply.

The .xcworskpace is a file that can be generated by adding what’s known as cocoapods to a project. If you are unfamiliar with cocoapods, they are a means of adding 3rd party frameworks to your project in order to give you more functionality beyond the frameworks provided by Apple. That might be access to Google’s Firebase database for example just to name one.

After those pods are installed, the project must be opened by double clicking the .xcworkspace file rather than the .xcodeproj file.

Does that make sense?

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Do you have an internet address for this page?

I hope you didn’t pay for that tutorial.

No, I did not pay for the tutorial.

To be honest with you, it’s not very well structured if you are a beginner at using Xcode.

You would be way better off taking on a course available at CodeWithChris.com. His courses are well structured and are just right for the novice.