Xcode update too long

I know that my topic is a bit err… off-topic, but I’ll ask anyways, because I would really want to get an answer.

I’ve recently received a notification that my Xcode is not up-to-date. It deals with minor glitch like…
If I remember correctly ’ using documentation might crash Xcode’ or some such. OK

At this moment the update is downloading. ALL ELEVEN POINT 16 GIGABYTES OF IT. !!!

Could some of you programmers explain to me why they do this. Why would they swap the whole app and not only add a file or change it.


Xcode is an entire application. They’re updating the entire thing, not just a configuration. Meaning like the swift compiler and the IDE Xcode itself

Use Dev Cleaner for Mac (available on the Mac App Store) to clean up old Xcode logs to clear up space if needed.

Apple can do whatever they want because it’s their software

I didn’t ask whose prerogative it is to do what they do, I just asked why would they do this.

Thanks for taking time for the reply. Wasn’t helpful though.

You may find this interesting instead.

Hi Jože,

The simplest answer I can give you with regards to why Apple provide the entire Xcode package as an update rather than an incremental update is that I suspect that it’s a complicated process to create an incremental update and if you miss one item in that process, it will screw up the update.

Yes it’s a huge file to download but it’s better (safer) to provide the complete package rather than a broken incremental update. It’s been this way right from the beginning.

On a side note, MacOS updates, like Catalina, are generally incremental after the first release. I have had issues with incremental updates being problematic in the past and have always waited for the Combo to be released on their website and download that in preference. Again the Combo contains everything right back to the initial release so by definition it is large but that’s OK in my view. I have never had issues with the Combo’s so I guess I’ll stick with them.

Hey Chris,

Thank you for your prompt reply. ( It’s not that I would throw a tantrum, if people ignored me. I mean… not always :face_with_hand_over_mouth:)

Yep, you really made me think. I didn’t realise that there isn’t only one update, but it can be a series of updates. And one incremental update upon another and another… That can further complicate things.

And it’s not only that. In a huge app like Xcode, they probably alter many, many files. Like, when I finished Xcode installation, playground has disappeared. I know it’s creepy. :ghost: But we have to live with it.

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