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YO! Job + How much money makes app developer :)

What else can I make by knowing Swift language? The main thing is an app development, what about the other possibilities ??
Also I would like to ask somebody about the job, who may create an application for my cafe? ;D
We’re selling an onigiris and we are scaling up really fast tho. I need our own app for taking orders.
I’m just at the learning stage and I cant make it by my own. It would be really dope to find smbd who may create it for us and also I would learn about swift more !
Thanks! If post like this is not allowed , please tell me.
And how much money does the app developer ???

Asking for developers (soliciting work) is not allowed on this platform, please remove that from your original post.

You could ask for a developer on this job board if you’d like

With Swift you can develop apps on all of Apple’s platforms, iOS, macOS, watchOS, and tvOS.

You can also use the Vapor framework and Swift to write an API