YouTube App, Help! It's not supposed to look like this

Hi Guys! I have an error that I can’t solve, as you can hopefully see in the screen grabs, when I run the simulator the YouTube thumbnails are getting squashed into tiny rows. I soldiered on and completed all the code from Chris’s remaining videos hoping I would catch the error by comparing my code to that of Chris as I went along, but alas no.
Is it obvious to the rest of you guys where the problem lies? (I’m a complete noob)
I’m not sure what code to upload as I don’t know where the problem lies, I’ve checked and re-checked the settings in the main storyboard but I can’t seem to find the fault.
What do you guys think?
Sorry, I am limited to one image per post at the moment.
Screenshot 2020-08-11 at 14.58.54

Hi Stephen,

Welcome to the Code Crew community.

In your Main.storyboard, locate the ViewController that contains your tableView and in your document Outline, select the VideoCell. Over on the right hand side panel, select the Size Inspector and up at the top set the RowHeight to 316 (or thereabouts) and make sure that Automatic in unselected. Re-run your project and see if that makes any difference.

Hi Chris! Thanks for the reply, unfortunately that didn’t work. ‘Automatic’ was selected as you rightly guessed(with a ‘greyed out’ height of 312). Unchecking it didn’t make any difference, I saved the project and restarted Xcode and re-ran the simulator just in case, but the thumbnails are still limited to a small row height.

Did you set the aspect ratio of the UIImageView to 1280:720?

Yes, that is already set to 1280:720, thanks.
Screenshot 2020-08-11 at 16.38.47|690x226

hi Stephan, don’t feel bad, I’m also a noob, but also have a serious learning disability, where even if I follow instructions letter by letter, I still don’t understand what I’m doing. I know I probably don’t have any business writing iPhone or iPad apps, but I’m severely motivated to get far enough along where I can join this team of University students in a group to analyze the spread of the virus, by using the ARKit and the new iPad Pro with Lidar. But first, I must learn the basics… I’m 77 yrs old, USAF Veteran, and retired from programming, where the last time I Used XCode was in 2014. A Lot has changed.

So Stephan, if you have the time to meet me on Zoom, perhaps we can learn together. As I’m using the latest and greatest XCode 12 I got from the Apple QuickStart program, where I was seeded a Mac Mini. You can contact me: (email address removed. Please contact other members via the direct message method) if you have the time to connect to me.

By the way, how do you draw those nice red arrows you use to point things out. Is that feature available in this forum, or did you use a graphics program to edit the screen capture?

John D

Hi John, I don’t use zoom etc sorry, anyway we would be the blind leading the blind lol, you would benefit from someone more experienced. As for the arrows, they were on Chris’s images not mine, I’m not sure how he did it, I’m also a Mac noob. There a lot of tools at the top of the screen when you take a screenshot, have a mess around with them I’m sure you’ll be able to do something similar.