YouTube APP One Day Build Console Message

I get the following message in the console window when closing the detail view controller and going back to the list of videos. The app doesn’t crash and the message is not flagged as an error. I didn’t get much insight from a google search. Does anyone else get this message or understand what it means? Any info is appreciated. I also wrote a similar app to this to get news articles and the same message appears when returning to the main view controller. I added an unwind segue thinking it might be related to navigation between view controllers but still got the same message.

2020-08-25 22:50:43.969321-0400 youtube-onedaybuild[3091:210401] [ProcessSuspension] 0x1157f6f90 - ProcessAssertion::processAssertionWasInvalidated()

Hello, usually its just warnings because a process was cancelled or exited which the detailed view triggered, its fine to ignore this as this wont cause any problems to your program