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14 Day Beginner Challenge (SwiftUI) - Lesson 11 Challenge

Hello everyone.

I don’t understand what I am doing wrong in this challenge. The error message I get on line 18 is as follows:

“No exact matches in call to initializer”

But don’t I “call” or declare the value earlier under “struct ContentView” ?

Maybe var value is float not a text you need put “” in 18 line

Won’t adding quotes turn it into a string?
As in like: Text(“value”)

Sorry I’m not entirely sure what you mean.

value is an Int, as evidenced by you initializing it as such:

@State var value = 0

Text does not have an initializer that takes an Int. You need to convert it to a string, for example by using string interpolation:



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Ah perfect!! That did the trick! Another question though: is…


… the same as:


I did the one above just now but i was curious as to whether or not one was inherently better than the other.

Also sorry!! I’ll make sure to do that in future posts. Thank you!

Yes, they are essentially the same. String interpolation is more powerful and efficient, but in a simple case like this it really makes no difference.