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14 Day Beginner - Lesson 7 Challenge

So, all is going well so far, I’m just curious about why I don’t get an exact answer for the printTotalWithTax challenge. Here’s my function and calling code:

func printTotalWithTax(subtotal:Double) {
    print(subtotal * 1.13)

printTotalWithTax(subtotal: 100)

The output I get is:


Why isn’t it just 113? (possibly with loads of zeros, since it’s a Double)


Hi Vince,

Welcome to the community.

It’s just the way that Swift deals with Doubles. There is no loss of accuracy. If you use the round() method in your function like this:

func printTotalWithTax(subtotal:Double) {
    print(round(subtotal * 1.13))

you will get the output 113.0