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1st App Assistance/ Guidance

Hello all!,

i am currently in the beginning stages of creating my first app after completing (most) of the UIKit Courses! =]

i have an idea but need some guidance on a couple of aspects and i hope someone can guide me in the right direction

  1. the basic premise would be users sending images and text to a Database and then being able to retrieve these sentences and images as a ‘collage’ on a webpage / using some kind of PC based back end (ultimately to create a Video overlay for live streamers and events)
  • i was thinking of using Firebase for this Database my only issue would be puling the JSON back and creating the webpage
  • i know this is outside of the app development but any guidance on if Firebase is right for this idea or not as well as any direction into tutorials to pull the images and text to a webpage would be amazing.
  1. from a external source i would like to push a on screen notification in the app (as well as ios notification) to offer three choices on which the users can vote on for a set amount of time of which once again the data is polled somewhere i can access for the results
  • (possible tutorial request)? on how to make notifications as well as In App ones / any guidance on how to make this happen

thanks for any help you can provide to help me create this dream app

Luke M

Hi Luke!

  1. Firebase can definitely work for this. They have an API that can be reached via the web. You are right this is a completely different set of skills to be able to achieve this.

This tutorial may help with the notifications you’re wanting to do

Check out https://approadmap.io to help you figure out what you need to learn to build this idea.

I’d suggest learning more about databases (go through Firebase tutorials)

This is a pretty big idea and will take time to execute, but definitely not impossible! Good luck!

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