2019 Tutorial Snags (no main.storyboard, and unable to align label to button)

Good day and Happy Holidays.

I am just working through Chris’s 2019 “How to make your first app” tutorial. App development is new to me, I’ve done a bit of development work using Laravel (a PHP framework).

So… two things I’m a bit unsure off.

  1. When I create the single page app, xcode did not create a Main.storyboard “file” – I do have a LaunchScreen.storyboard file… but it doesn’t have a label and a “Hello World” label is programmatically added on runtime.

  2. I am not able to align the label with the button – unlike in Chris’s video.

I am assuming these are version differences. Any thoughts and pointers would be much appreciated.

Hey @ApplicationError. This video from Chris should help you out. Let me know if you still have issues after watching it.

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are you sure you choose the singleView?
and for the firstButton issue what you’ve seen is quit correct you either choose safeArea or view since you choose above and if you choose to add constraints below it will relate to the secondButton and I think that is what you need here.