29 Day Beginner Challenge - Thread 1: Fatal error

Hi All,

So close to the end of the build having finished all 29 lessons, in fact it says that the build was successful when I run the program yet immediately afterwards it throws up the following on line 35…

I’ve gone through the MatchApp document file that Chris supplies with course and can’t see any differences between my code and his so I’m not sure where I’ve gone wrong or what the problem is?

Can anyone help?

Hi Jon,

It looks to me that the connection of collectionView is broken between your ViewController.swift file and the outlet in your storyboard.

Did you happen to decide to make a spelling correction to the outlet name? If so then the method you should use to rename an IBOutlet or an IBAction is to right click on the name and then select Refactor > Rename. That method ensures that the names are changed correctly in both the Storyboard and the ViewController.

To fix it in this case place the project into “Assistant Editor” mode and recreate that connection. You will likely have a residual broken connection in storyboard so to fix that you need to right click on the View Controller in the document outline which will reveal a panel like the one below. If you see any connections with an Amber triangle to the right then click on the little x to the left of the name to remove it.

Thanks Chris,

The first part worked nicely; the second drew a few more problems (and questions) and given my noob status I decided to re-write the entire code from scratch… got there this time :+1:

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