About buttons in sites

How to determine whether a user clicked on a triangular play button on web view for watching a video on some site?

Can you provide an example of a video displaying the triangular button you are referring to?

As an example, the following mobile web view shows three videos with a button that could be what you are referring to. In each case those videos are YouTube embedded videos in the Google search results. Tapping on those “buttons” takes you to YouTube and plays the associated video.

I don’t know of a way to intercept the tap the user might make.

I had already asked about this, but questions was not such exactly. This button seems isn’t created in the app but when I click it a video saves in my playlist.

That button will in fact be part of the App that you are using. It will be configured to do whatever the App designer intended it to do. When you tap it, does it present options?

Yes. And I want to know how to make this options in the app. How to make the same options in the app?

How to make this button to become the part of my app?

You drag a button onto your storyboard.

The point of a web view is to display web content. And interact with it through the web view and no longer with your app.

I don’t exactly understand what you’re asking