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On your videos you show your code app but when downloaded there’s nothing there about learning code languages as it shows in your videos

Hi @Chayim

As one of the moderators here on this community, can you be more specific please? What video exactly are you referring to and what did you attempt to download?

Are you referring to the codewithchris App that you downloaded from the App Store?

Yes. In the beginning 2 or 3 videos of the 14 lessons you show the CodeWithChris app and it contains lessons of many code languages, but when I download the app from iOS App Store it only contains these 14 lessons from this site and YouTube.


I’m still not sure what you mean by “lessons on many code languages”.

There is only one programming language used in the Apple integrated development environment known as “Xcode” and that language is “Swift”. The language is used in the framework known as UIKit and also in the new framework (new as of 2019) called SwiftUI.

The codewithchris App on the App Store concentrates on the 14 Day Beginner Challenge which is based on the SwiftUI framework given that SwiftUI is the future of programming under the Xcode environment. It still uses the Swift programming language.

Hi @Chayim

The CodeWithChris App only support our 14 days beginner challenge for now. The goals of this initial released is to get feedback for any bugs, some requests, suggestions from our community and an other valuable informations that can help us improve while also working on the full version of the CodeWithChris app.

You can still look for all lessons on our website if you have a paid subscription account.

Ok, there’s only lessons of swift language, but the lessons of the app shown in YouTube have full swift language lessons.


The lessons in that Learning App are just example videos of the purpose of having a video linked to each of those lessons. It’s not intended to be a course embedded in that particular App.

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