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I have created same like you did in the YouTube video but instead of creating a AVPlayer i created a SwiftUIView after loginViewController

I did research on how to interface Storyboard and SwiftUI i found out it was HostingViewController

So i have did that too but in the loginView after checking Password Characters (Utilities.paasword)in the code what should i code in the else statement where you have did with HomeViewController after login

But i wanted to play the SwiftUI (like ContentView) after verification of User

Can you help me with that?

Thank you in advance

Which YouTube video are you referring to? Can you post a link in a reply?

Yes, you are correct in that a SwiftUI View can be added to a UIKit (Storyboard) project using a UIHostingController.

This one only

Update : now i have swift UI with Storyboard
Now do i authenticate the user and make user login

Which “View” did you change to SwiftUI?